21st birthday king theme
25th birthday with gucci shoe
40th birthday andy
40th birthday charriot
40th birthday katrina
golden 50th birthday
50th birthday
birthday banner with colored 60
50th birthday with vases
chantels birthday
domo birthday theme
hollywood theme birthday
lion for leo birthday theme
louis vuitton
mom's 50th birthday
push birthday with baseball hat
scorpio scorpion
soccer ball
the big 50
virgo birthday theme
sweet 15
50"x 40"x 10"
50"x 40"x 10"
40"x 40"x 10"
30"x 20"x 20"
40"x 40"x 10"
55"x 40"x 10"
50"x 80"x 20"
40"x 60"x 24"
40"x 40"x 10"
40"x 40"x 10"
55"x 40"x 10"
55"x 30"x 10"
50"x 40"x 10"
50"x 40"x 10"
50"x 40"x 10"
50"x 45"x 10"
30"x 40"x 10"
70"x 40"x 10"
40"x 40"x 10"
40"x 50"x 10"
50"x 30"x 20"
55"x 40"x 10"
45"x 40"x 10"
15 with Winged Heart & Name
King Theme Birthday
Stiletto Theme Birthday
Domo Theme Birthday
Soccer Ball with
25th Birthday
Baseball Hat with
40th birthday with Luges,
Collage & Bottleholders
40th Birthday Charriot
40th Birthday Katrina
50th Birthday
Golden 50 with Name
50th Birthday with Vases
MOM with 50th Birthday
The Big 50
Birthday Banner with
Colored 60
LEO Theme Birthday
Virgo Theme Birthday
Birthday Party For
Their Sister
Sagittarius Theme Birthday
Scorpio Theme Birthday
Louis Vuitton Theme Birthday
Hollywood Theme Birthday
golden 60
50"x 40"x 10"
Living My Life Like
It's Golden Theme
swimming angelfish
45"x 50"x 10"
Lorna's Queen of the Sea
40th birthday
40"x 25"x 10"
40 with Decorative
Golden 50th Birthday
40"x 40"x 10"
Golden 50th Birthday
55"x 24"x 10"
50"x40"x 10"
90th Birthday
18th Birthday
Red Colored 25
Colored 25
50th Birthday with Champagne Buckets
50"x25"x 10"
50"x25"x 10"
50th Birthday Marlene with
Two Champagne Buckets
100 Cloccs with Embedded Picture of Benjamin Franklin
100 Cloccs
55" x 20"x 10"
Female Torso
Female Torso
Home Page
30"x25"x 17"
50th Birthday with Fruit Display
50 with Platters and Fruit Display
50"x 40"x 20"
Mom 60th
60"x 40"x 10"
Mom 60th with banner
Mom 75th with Fruits
45"x 40"x 20"
Mom 75th with Fruits
All Ice Sculpture Prices Includes Delivery and Set up in a Drip Tray provided by us. Add
FREE Colored LED Lights to Tint your Sculptures, choose from: Red, Blue, Green,
Yellow, White, Purple, Amber, Pink, Orange and Color Changing. We do not provide a
Table for the Sculpture or a Drain Bucket for the Water.
Height x Width x Depth
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We Accept Credit Cards
Ice Sculptor/Owner: Mark Mckenzie
Mobile: 718-374-4352 Call or Text
Email: coolwayice@yahoo.com
We Are Located In Queens New York
Welcome To Our Website
Female Torso Luge/Dispenser
40"x 25"x 17"
Female Torso
PayPal Acceptance Mark
Pay half down payment or pay in full for your Ice Sculpture with
PAYPAL SEND MONEY by just using my phone number
718-374-4352 or my email address coolwayice@yahoo.com,
no Paypal account is required for this.
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50 with Dean
50 with Vases
60th Mom
Happy 70th
Ice Sculptor Mark Mckenzie:
Mobile 718-374-4352 call or text
Email: coolwayice@yahoo.com
Our Abilities are not limited to the Sculptures Shown on this Website.
Call, Text or Email us with your Ideas and we will create them into melting memories.
Thanks For Your Interests in Our Hand Crafted Ice Sculptures