Let Us Add Something Truly Magical Your Event.
Ice Sculpture: A Wet, Fragile, Alive, Refracting,
Fascinating and Beautiful Art Form.
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Add Something Truly Magical to your Occasion, Customized Or Personalized Hand Crafted Ice Sculptures. This Website Features A Wide Variety Of Ice
Sculptures, Most Of Which Was Specially Designed and Sculpted According To The Customers Requests For Their Events. Here At Cool Way  Ice
We Believe That Every Event Is Unique And We Treat Them That Way. Let Us Know About Your Ice Art Ideas And Our Dedicated Artists
Will Customize Them Into Subzero Art. We Customize Ice Sculptures Into Two Dimensional Snow Filled Graphics and Three Dimensional Art Form.
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Ice Sculptor/Owner: Mark Mckenzie
Mobile: 718-374-4352 Call or Text
Email: coolwayice@yahoo.com
We Are Located In Queens New York
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The final price of each Sculpture vary according to the amount of ice used to create it, the time it takes to create and the
complexity of the design. Our Abilities are not limited to the Sculptures shown on this Website. Call, Text or Email us with your Art
ideas and we will Customize them into melting memories. Thanks for your interests in our Hand Crafted Ice Sculptures.
Baby Showers
Kids Party
Luges & Dispensres
Weddings & Anniversaries
Special Events
Ice Menorahs
Ice Initials
Ice Logos
Ice Carving Demonstration
Ice Competitions & Festivals
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Ice Sculptor Mark Mckenzie:
Mobile 718-374-4352 call or text
Email: coolwayice@yahoo.com
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Cold Food Paired with Ice
Fruit Bouquet on Ice $150.00.
Freshly Prepared Colorful Assorted Fruits Paired with Hand Crafted Crystal
Clear Ice Tray on a Drip Container (10" diameter) and Tinted with Battery
Operated Colored LED Lights. Great for All Types of Events, A Great Dining
Table Centerpiece Idea and also a Great Gift Idea. The Ice Sculpture Container is
Designed to last for five to Seven Hours in an ambient temperature of 70 degrees
fahrenheit. The Demensions of the finished Bouquet is 18" tall by 15" wide by
15" deep and is delivered covered in plastic wrapped. Serves 10 people.
Fruit Bouquet On Ice
Pay half down payment or pay in full for your Ice Sculpture with PAYPAL SEND MONEY by just using my phone number
718-374-4352 or my email address coolwayice@yahoo.com, no Paypal account is required for this.
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